Shopping Local for Christmas 2015 Part 3 – Tammy’s Trellis

Tammy Hill of Tammy’s Trellis sells custom wedding flowers and whole wedding line . As well as lots of specialty items.  She has a Facebook Group where you can see many of her creations and contact her to order your own special gift.

Shopping Local for Christmas 2015 part 2 – Norwex

Here is the second of the Shop Local Christmas 2015 businesses:

Lorrie Miller sells Norwex products.

Norwex is a company whose mission is to radically reduce the toxic chemicals in our homes. A main vehicle in achieving this goal is using just water and high quality microfiber embedded with silver to replace toxic cleaners. Norwex also has many enzyme-based products as additional “helpers” in home cleaning. Norwex has products for both home and personal care.

Shopping Local for Christmas 2015 Part 1 – Lovin’ the Lather

Christmas 2015 is upon us and we wanted to give you some options for shopping local,from small businesses right here in the Coldwater area.  So I will be posting a few ideas everyday.   Feel free to comment with your favorite local Christmas gift ideas.

I am going to start with my FAVORITE soap lady, Sharon Rowland.  Her soaps are not only luxurious but also beautiful.  Check her work out at Lovin’ the Lather- Indulgent Handcrafted Soap and More
Handcrafted Luxurious Soap, Lotion, Lip Gloss, Bath Bombs and Salves.  Here is a sample of her beautiful soaps: