A Visit to Biggby Coffee Shop

Biggby is one of my favorite places in Coldwater.

Not only do they have great coffee, they have the most amazing Baristas!   Going into a coffee shop and getting a good cup of coffee or tea is one thing but when you are greeted by a smiling Barista who remembers that you like soy milk rather than dairy.  That you like the Cinnamon Spice Tea Latte or anything with a fruity, white chocolate, espresso combination and remember your name and the names of your children…well, there is just no substitute for that.  It’s that sense of good old fashioned community/family that keeps me going back to Biggby.

Biggby carries a full line of teas and bagged coffees, as well as mugs and greeting cards.  You can pick up a snack or a light meal while you are there, too.

They have great chairs for sitting in to relax and read, chat or play the guitar and sing.

You can even play chess while you enjoy your beverage of choice…which is very popular with the Tin Man!  (Thanks, Kasey, for the picture!)

Biggby is also very active in our community.   They offer coffee at many events around town as well as helping local organizations all year long.   Biggby cares for our community.

I had so much fun taking the photos for this post.  The Biggby Baristas are a lot of fun and really good sports.  B sure to stop in and see them today and don’t forget to tell them you saw them on MyColdwater.com