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CCP Virus (COVID-19) Information


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Watch out for Censorship's Recommendations:

1. The media is still awash with scary, political and often contradictory information. We just don't know enough about the virus yet to proclaim everyone "safe." Continue to follow social distancing recommendations including 6 foot separation and face masks.

2. You may have noticed has been tracking Michigan vs. Sweden (cases and deaths). Sweden never had a full lockdown and they are doing okay; other U.S. states have started opening back up and they are doing okay. Urge Governor Whitmer to start easing lockdown requirements. Let your other legistators know you are concerned about her possible abuse of power. See also: Stand Up Michigan

3. There is strong evidence for, albeit impossible to prove, that the virus was bioengineered in a lab and accidentally escaped. However there is a huge pile of evidence mounting that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has covered up and lied about the virus at every turn, endangering billions of people and throwing the world into chaos. Senator Ben Sasse said, "Without commenting on any classified information, this much is painfully obvious: The Chinese Communist Party has lied, is lying, and will continue to lie about coronavirus to protect the regime." Investigations need to made, and the CCP needs to be held criminally liable. Let your legislators know how you feel!

4. Try to find fair, balanced news sources that are not driven by political agendas. We recommend NTD News. It is refreshing to read about states successfully opening up and to hear daily new investigations or revelations about the CCP, instead of worst-case scenario virus forecasts all the time. We are winning the war, not letting the virus control us and giving government an excuse to monitor and control every aspect of our lives. will also continue to independently monitor Michigan vs. Sweden stats. (Sweden, by the way, is also calling for investigations into WHO and the CCP.)

Defeat the CCP VIRUS (COVID-19)


The latest buzz word in the media is "Second Wave", and in some places of the U.S. partial lockdowns are returning. Is there really a second wave, and are these lockdowns necessary?

Let's look at the data. This is from the Detroit Free Press, and will be updating these graphs weekly (or, click on the graph to see the most recent graph):

Average daily cases is way up (July 2020), which is why the Governor has ordered the mandatory face masks. BUT... look at average daily deaths. It's not up at all. Cases up but deaths not? Clearly the virus is becoming less deadly and we are winning!

As we mentioned in March, there could be a 3-8 week lag time between cases and deaths. So let's keep monitoring the graphs. If a month goes by and deaths STILL doesn't go up, then maybe we don't need mandatory masks, and people will feel more comfortable sending their kids back to face-to-face school which they desperately need for their developmental growth and health.

In the meantime, wear the masks. It's the least we can do, until we are sure. At least stores and restaurants are still open.


Click here to read an interesting opinion from someone who has looked at the data and sees no danger from a Second Wave.

The Second Wave could also be the mutated form of COVID-19, which spreads even more easily, but is substantially less deadly - watch video here (7/13/2020).

- continues to track Michigan vs. Sweden. Sweden never had a full lockdown, and they continue to do fine. Their curves look almost the same as Michigan. In fact their "Second Wave" seems to be fizzling out already. Don't be brainwashed by the media. Don't even just take our word for it. Look at the numbers and YOU decide.


After over a month of quarantine, people are going crazy. National and local press briefings, which used to be helpful, have degenerated into political discussions. Most hospitals are not filling up, and restless people think COVID-19 is not dangerous, and they are staging demonstrations in Lansing. Strong evidence is appearing that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) vastly underreported COVID-19 deaths; yet a new video from two doctors in California has them claiming that the mortality of COVID-19 is the same as the common flu. With all the disinformation going on, WHAT THE HECK do we do? What do we believe?

We at are a local family just like you, and we want to find out the truth so we can do what is best for our family. We have created this page to summarize what we have found out. But we encourage you to do your own research too. Don't just trust a single sourrce. The fact is, this virus is still so new, no one is exactly sure what will happen or how to best treat it. We are all doing the best we can. The more time goes by, though, the more we know, so keep reading news so you can learn to do what is best for your family.

Q: Is COVID-19 real, and deadly?

A: YES. In China they are completely paranoid, implementing trace monitoring, checkpoints, quarantines, even spraying streets with chemicals. The Chinese Communist Party has complete control of the media and of people's lives. They don't need to manufacture a fake crisis to gain control because they already have it. And if it was fake, they wouldn't try to be covering it up. Please watch this video of what is really going on in China. It is absolutely chilling.

Q: If COVID-19 is real, why are so many hospitals mostly empty and are laying off workers?

A: Layoffs are happening because elective surgeries and so many other routine things have been suspended. Hospitals are running at below full capacity because Michigan's social distancing measures have WORKED. That's certainly better than running out of capacity and letting people die. The trick now is how to gradually decrease quarantine measures so that hospitals continue to have the capacity to treat the sick, versus a sudden spike that they can't handle. It's tough, because a change to policy now takes 3-8 weeks to see the effect, and people assume the state government is being too strict. Maybe they are, but we won't know for 3-8 weeks.

Q: What about the viral video of the two California doctors who think COVID-19 is no worse than the flu?

[NOTE: YouTube has already censored the video. Even though we disagree with some of the video's conclusions, we are NOT thrilled about censoring free speech. We need to find the truth ourselves, NOT let "wiser" people do it for us.]

A: They are experts with 30 years microbiology experience. Much of what they say is true. However they are not statisticans. They made a basic math error, that you can't extrapolate infection rate to the entire California population because you don't have a random sample. The people being tested are only those likely to have COVID-19. So the vast majority of Californians do NOT have COVID-19 yet, and you can't link the current death rate to those people. We respect these smart doctors, but they are frustrated like the rest of us, especially since it appears they aren't seeing many patients, so they were vulnerable to this mistake. The very end of part 2 of the video also shows their bias toward believing the government is trying to control us. (We don't trust the government either! But that doesn't mean they are wrong this time. You have to look at ALL the facts.)

Still don't believe it? The Wikipedia entry on influenza states that the common flu, on average, kills 36,000 people annually in the United States. As of late April, COVID-19 has already killed almost 50,000 nationally. Even if some of the deaths are over-reported, what's that number going to look like in December? It's REAL. Take it seriously!

Beware of sensationalist news. One bad story doesn't invalidate the real threat.

Read TOMAS PUEYO. He has a very good handle on what is going on and what to do, with practical suggestions. His articles are being read by millions and being endorsed by many.


Is the Michigan quarantine working? And is it too harsh? As stated before, we need to wait another 3-8 weeks to see the effects of decisions made now. So we here at are going to keep watching and waiting to see what happens.

We have decided to show Michigan CCP Virus statistics compared to... Sweden. Here's why:

  • Sweden has an almost identical population
  • Sweden has a very fair media with less bias
  • Sweden has a socialistic health care system not subject to capitalistic fraud
  • So we can trust their numbers a LOT
  • Also, they are the only major country to NOT have a national lockdown
  • So, in theory, Michigan should be doing BETTER than Sweden
Michigan has a better lockdown, but cases might be underreported due lack of testing, and we keep hearing of deaths being overreported because hospitals will get more money from the federal government for CCP Virus-related deaths. So let's keep comparing Michigan vs. Sweden to see what happens. We may not be able to trust Michigan's numbers, but we know they shouldn't be any worse than Sweden's. And watching the virus in minimally protected Sweden confirms the crisis is REAL. As of late April you can calculate that the death rate is about 10%. Which has been blamed on unprotected nursing home outbreaks. Michigan's death rate is almost as high. Overreporting? Maybe. Compare with other states and countries (not shown here). At least some of the numbers out there should be accurate. Try to deduce what the actual death rate in Michigan might be.

Check back weekly for graph updates.

Michigan cases and deaths:

Sweden cases:

Sweden deaths:

(Click on any graph to get to data source: Detroit Free Press and Statista.)

Click here for Michigan by-county breakdown, current only (no trend)

Wikipedia also has a breakdown by county in this long article.

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