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Immunity for Me not for Thee

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Two Pandemics

October 8, 2021: I'm discontinuing CCP Virus (COVID-19) virus tracking. We HAVE a vaccine. It seems to be reasonably safe. Anyone that is high risk for dying can get it, usually free of charge. And it's reasonably effective against the Delta Variant. Maybe not perfect, but it reduces the severity of symptoms and chances of hospitalization or dying.

The BIGGER problem is government overreach. They now want EVERYONE to get the vaccine, regardless of whether people need or want it, and then probably to get a booster, and then they are working on a daily pill as well. Unvaccinated people are being discriminated against and might lose their jobs. People who already have natural immunity from recovering from the virus are being asked to get vaccinated anyway. Alternative treatments continue to be suppressed and censored by the media. Maybe they are better and/or cheaper, maybe not, but we aren't even being allowed to find out. Only treatments that rake in billions for Big Pharma are being allowed.

THE LOSS OF FREEDOM IS FAR MORE DEADLY THAN A VIRUS THAT MOST RECOVER FROM. We can't continue to shut down our lives based on the government's latest whims. We need to interact with people. Our kids need a good, in-person education. New Hampshire has a phrase: "Live Free or Die."

I have been working for a YEAR on how to fight this problem (even starting the Coldwater Against Censorship Online page). I finally have an answer for us against government tyranny, in the YouTube video I found below. It's not just another depressing "state of mankind" video. It's a video that GIVES US HOPE. You feel like you are busy and are not involved in politics and you need to keep your job and you can't really fight back. YES YOU CAN. Just your deciding not to be controlled by the totalitarian system is a HUGE WIN! Please take the time to watch this 12 minute video and find out how. There is no secret agenda here, no asking for money, just a family man of Coldwater wanting to protect our community and freedom!

And... what is the TRUTH that we need to defend? I don't claim to have all the answers. I will give some suggestions on this page (MORE COMING SOON), but don't ever trust only one source, and definitely don't just blindly go along with the propaganda from the mainstream media and Big Tech. Is there an alternate viewpoint? LET IT BE HEARD AND DO NOT SUPPRESS IT! If you think you found something, SHARE THE TRUTH WITH OTHERS! Keep proclaiming it and don't let so-called "fact checkers" intimidate you.

[MORE RESOURCES COMING SOON! FOR NOW, TRY: NTD News, journalism like it used to be, fair and balanced reporting]

Ben Franklin

Coldwater Against Censorship Online (CACO)

Watch out for Censorship

Twitter Blocking Tweets

Free speech is you and I having a free conversation about what might be harmful and what might not be. Censorship is SOMEONE ELSE deciding what is harmful and forcing us to have that view. I can't believe this is actually happening in America. Protect your free speech now!!

Facebook Blocking Links

Above: Facebook is doing it, too. This is a screenshot of a post from one of my own friends! They will let me see the link, but not without their own interference.

Sign the Prager U Petition

Stop Online Censorship!


News flash May 3, 2021 - major victory for free speech!

Benny Johnson on Florida Anti-Censorship Bill Breitbart on Florida Anti-Censorship Bill

With the Federal government in disarray, states are now becoming the major driving factor in restoring the political balance of the United States. With regards to censorship, Florida has taken the lead by passing an anti-censorship bill (above). Granted this is only for Florida, but if Facebook is forced to do this for Florida, it probably will do it for all states. They could change their algorithm for different states, but how would that look? Also users might change their home addresses to ficticious Florida addresses. Facebook is already struggling to authenticate accounts. The battle is on!!

If you've studied American History, we've faced many challenges before, even challenges of censorship and threats to our democracy. The future is not set in stone. Times are changing rapidly, but WE have a say in what our future will be. Keep fighting for what is right!


4/24/21 Quick Update: Sorry it's taking so long for updates here... the reason is because I'm doing a TON of research, which takes time. Solving censorship is something we need to do, but it's not enough. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of why Americans would accept censorship in the first place. Further, after a ton of research, I don't think it's coming from China, even though they wouldn't object to our doing it.

The ultimate answer is Critical Race Theory (CRT), and if you'd like a sneak preview of it, check out this YouTube video. Now I just need to put all of the pieces together in an organized presentation, the history of CRT, why it's destroying America, and how to fight against it. And I believe that if we take down CRT, we'll solve the censorship problem as well (maybe even Facebook would gladly un-censor if they drop support for CRT).

So stay tuned... this means a LOT to me, to fix our country, so I'll be working on this, I just need some more time! (P.S. I'm not racist... but CRT would assume that I, being white, am racist, and that anyone trying to discredit CRT is also racist... so it's going to be a fight!)


Censorship Phase Two

Censorship in America continues in 2021 with Cancel Culture and self-censorship. Companies are scared and are self-censoring lest they be labeled racist, white supremacist, etc. People are reluctant to post controversial stuff on Facebook lest they be fact checked or banned. We need to live in freedom, not fear.

The Epoch Times has written an excellent article titled, "Communist Tactics to Force Self-Censorship Sweeping America". (You have to sign up for a free account to read the article but it is well worth it.) I'll plan to post related articles when I find them.


There's been a lot of calls for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to reform, but despite all the politics and even lawsuits, by March 2021 really nothing has been done.

UPDATE: This article by Paul Bischoff reviews "the major web censorship issues that President Biden will face during his next four years in office including Section 230, open access to research, and policing misinformation on social media": Where does President Biden stand on internet censorship? (2/24/2021).

Both Republicans and Democrats continue to be part of the problem. We're not going to give up trying to get help from government, but it's now obvious that we can do so much more OURSELVES. Technology is part of the problem but also can be part of the solution! They are clever, but we can be even more clever! This year I'm going to work on ways you and I can fight back, and as I have time, I'll be posting them here. (You are also welcome to contact me with your own ideas.) Stay tuned!!

Rough ideas so far (to be filled in): Alternative news sources, alternative platforms, small business support (versus Walmart and Amazon), cryptocurrency, MCW, MCW browser fight-back (against ads, fair use copy protection, exclusivity, etc), fight against cancel culture.


Kitty Werthmann

Censorship isn't that bad, is it? I mean, nobody wants racism, white supremacy, disinformation, etc. So isn't a little censorship okay? Well, WHO has the power to decide what is censored and what isn't? What if you had a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, and an Athiest. Obviously only one of them is right. But each one will insist that THEY are right. If one of them comes forth, delclares that THEY are the right one, and says the others are wrong and "dangerous," they are essentially acting as God. Human beings are inherently fallable. We may not like it when other people believe what we think is a lie, but we HAVE to let everyone try to seek the truth themselves.

Adolph Hitler thought he was right. He was also a brilliant orator, and he convinced a lot of people. Germany was thriving when people in other countries were literally starving. Today we see Hitler as a terrible person. But back then people liked him a LOT. How is that even possible? Censorship was a KEY component of Nazi Germany.

I recently learned about Kitty Werthmann and was blown away. Read or listen to her story to find out the truth about Hitler's "takeover" of Austria.


I'm still researching this... it's a big mystery! Amongst the Right, the popular conception is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is getting ready for a takeover of the USA via getting us to accept socialist policies. Socialism, though it has repeatedly failed in history, doesn't seem to be the real enemy here. In fact, China is actually becoming more capitalist, which is the reason for their prosperity. The censorship in China isn't necessarily a socialist or capitalist issue; it's a tactic of dictatorship governments (like Nazi Germany). No one in America wants a dictatorship. In fact, the Democrats' latest partyline is that they are trying to PRESERVE democracy in America. The question is then, why are they encouraging censorship tactics? Where did it come from, and why do they think it is justified? Or are they even aware that their so-called "fact checking" is a form of censorship?

This is different from the Republicans vs Democrats "normal" debate from the 1980s and 1990s. I'm still trying to figure this out. Stay tuned. It might be a while. (Feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts to add!)

(One of my to-do's: Research "Cultural Marxism" and Victimhood. (But again, why would the Left feel they need to resort to such tactics?))


Twexit, just one symbol of fighting for free speech online


On Facebook:

On Parler: INTRODUCTION (2020)

Well, I'm not sure what to write here. I'm just a humble Coldwater resident, trying to raise a family, doing the business and events website as a service to the community, not trying to take on the world. But I'm becoming increasingly alarmed at the censorship taking place on the platforms you and I use every day: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They are just supposed to be a platform where we can publish whatever we want, but increasingly these tech giants have taken it upon themselves to silence opinions that they find "harmful." Thus, they are no longer neutral, but now have an agenda. Thus they can skew what we read in their favor, which might, for example, affect how we vote.

This is extremely dangerous for you, your family, and for America. Baked into our constitution is the First Amendment, the first and most imporant amendment, the one that guarantees free speech. We don't want to loose that! Granted, companies like Facebook are private companies, and they might have the "right" to censor some things on their platform. But times have changed, and now almost everyone in America uses Facebook, so they have a moral responsibility NOT to censor material or interfere in people's private posts. At least they should. If companies like these refuse to listen, we need to LEAVE these platforms and find competitor platforms where our speech won't be censored.

Former President Trump made the case against online censorship in much more elegant words in his 5/28/20 Executive Order. This order also attempted to ban online censorship, but obviously it isn't working so far. This needs to change.


So what can I do to help against this problem? Well, I pay for my own website which is not owned by any of the Tech Giants, nor am I accepting advertising that requires me to limit what I can say. So I can say WHATEVER I WANT here, without fear of censorship or intruding comments. I don't really have the time to be a new news source (other than local news), but I can direct you to platforms and websites where you can find uncensored news and opinions other than mainstream.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN I NECESSARILY AGREE WITH THE OTHER WEBSITES. That is not the point. The point is that you need the freedom to check out the information yourself, and to make your OWN opinion, and NOT have some elite panel of Facebook "fact checkers" form this opinion for you.


I'm still trying to figure all of this out myself. Parler seems to be a viable alternative to Twitter. If you have some links or information that you would like to contribute to this page, feel free to send me a private message to MyColdwater on Parler.

I'm still trying to find the best YouTube and Facebook alternatives. Most of the YouTubers that were mass-deleted on October 15th also have Parler accounts. Search for them by name on Parler and you should be able to find them and where they might be posting their videos now etc.

UPDATE: A lot of alternative news sources seem to be favoring Rumble, a relatively new video platform based in Canada, also promising more revenue to video producers. For a Facebook alternative I've been invited to MeWe. Doesn't have the same "ring" to it as Facebook, but looks promising... still checking it out.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Even though Parler boasts about free speech and are themselves promoting an anti-censorship movement, there's a little bit of talk out there that even Parler might not be completely censorship-free. In any case, some are predicting that Gab may end up the winner. I think it's a good idea to sign up for an account to support them, especially as a backup in case Parler changes.

What's MY favorite "underground" news source? I look at Red Pill 78. He was banned from YouTube but as of 10/29 he has his own website now (kind of like me) where he can say whatever he wants. This is one of the people the mainstream media would say promotes dangerous conspiracy theories. But you probably won't feel that way if you listen to him. He always encourages his listeners to "do their own research." Isn't that what we want? You DON'T HAVE to agree with him. Just listen, and you decide for yourself. Wow, some of the stuff is WAY OUT THERE. (Note: I don't agree with the Q stuff.) But look up the sources for yourself and see if it's true.

What about regular United States news, but presented in a way that isn't so biased? I recommend NTD News. They regularly report on news from China, and the corrupt regime of the Chinese Communist Party. A real eye opener. If you can afford it, you can also subscribe to a printed weekly newspaper from NTD's sister company, the Epoch Times. I actually ENJOY reading the newspaper again, knowing that it's not just a bunch of propaganda and that there's a chance for some real change in this country.

What about you? If you've found some really good information online, let me know! It's time to take America back!


I kind of got involved in this Search for Truth with the coming of the CCP Virus (COVID-19). First I just wanted to help people. Then I discovered that some censorship was taking place. This doesn't mean the virus wasn't real or dangerous, but that we weren't being allowed to make our own decisions on what to do, and that the media was skewing the facts deliberately for political purposes. This was alarming. Hence I started the CCP Virus Information Page, and I also started doing my own virus tracking so I could see the numbers for myself and not just a media-sanitized summary.

As the election is getting closer, the stakes are now even higher. Censorship has been done at various waves all summer, but it culminated in a new super-censorship wave around October 15th, involving the now-infamous Hunter Biden Emails. Facebook decided to PRE-censor that news before even having their "panel" review it. Then YouTube deleted a bunch of channels with anyone reporting anything about the Hunter Biden Emails.

Unlike the CCP Virus, which has a lot of uncertainty, the Emails are either authentic or they are not. I'm not saying which way they are. But WE need to see those Emails and decide for ourselves. If the Emails are "fake", WHY are the Tech Giants so scared of these Emails? That's even more reason to check them out.

This is an all-out battle for freedom, folks. That's why I'm trying to do my part to take this on!


It's hard to find the truth these days. In addition to blatant censoring of people like you and me, and censoring other amateur journalists, the mainstream media seems to be censoring in other ways as well, by failing to report critical information. Example is below.

NBC Fails to disclose evidence of crimes

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