A Visit to Biggby Coffee Shop

Biggby is one of my favorite places in Coldwater.

Not only do they have great coffee, they have the most amazing Baristas!   Going into a coffee shop and getting a good cup of coffee or tea is one thing but when you are greeted by a smiling Barista who remembers that you like soy milk rather than dairy.  That you like the Cinnamon Spice Tea Latte or anything with a fruity, white chocolate, espresso combination and remember your name and the names of your children…well, there is just no substitute for that.  It’s that sense of good old fashioned community/family that keeps me going back to Biggby.

Biggby carries a full line of teas and bagged coffees, as well as mugs and greeting cards.  You can pick up a snack or a light meal while you are there, too.

They have great chairs for sitting in to relax and read, chat or play the guitar and sing.

You can even play chess while you enjoy your beverage of choice…which is very popular with the Tin Man!  (Thanks, Kasey, for the picture!)

Biggby is also very active in our community.   They offer coffee at many events around town as well as helping local organizations all year long.   Biggby cares for our community.

I had so much fun taking the photos for this post.  The Biggby Baristas are a lot of fun and really good sports.  B sure to stop in and see them today and don’t forget to tell them you saw them on MyColdwater.com


A Visit to Nutrition Expression

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Nutrition Expression.   When I walked in the door I was greeted warmly and treated like a member of the Nutrition Expression family.

Nutrition Expression is a nutrition club, featuring yummy healthy meal smoothies – Fast Food for Smart People, as they say.  Everyone who comes to the club is offered a free wellness evaluation and Body Analysis Metabolism Tests, as well as individual wellness coaching.  Their mission statement says it all “Our Mission is to Educate, Coach and Support Optimal Health and Prosperity in Our Community and Beyond.”

Nutrition Expression is always looking for Wellness Coaches and they will train you.  If you are interested in finding out what they are all about and coaching others to get healthy, stop in the club anytime.

I was excited to hear the stories of success shared by Cindi, Mary Ann and Angie.   What an inspiration they are to those of us who are struggling to get our health back:

Cindi lost 69 pounds.  She had severe digestive issues and a disorder that caused bad shaking.  Through improved nutrition her symptoms are now under control.  Her energy level is improved, too.  Before she didn’t have the energy to play with her granddaughter, now she can beat her in a foot race!

Mary Ann lost 60 pounds.  She has systemic lupus and through good nutrition was able to get her symptoms under control.  She has kept the weight off for 4 years.

Angie lost 100 pounds in less than a year.  She says she had been on various diets since she was 9 years old.  She has managed, with the help of improved nutrition, to keep the weight off for 13 years.

The walls of the club are lined with pictures and stories of others who have had similar success.  It’s worth stopping into Nutrition Expression just to read the stories and be inspired.

Nutrition Expression is also a great place to work out.  They offer workout classes Monday through Thursday, most are free but a few do have a small fee to help pay the instructor.   Bootcamp will be coming soon…call the club for details.  They are also planning a 5K run in June, they are still looking for volunteers, if you are interested in helping, stop in the club.

Stop in at Nutrition Expression today and don’t forget tell them you saw them on MyColdwater.com

Introducing MyColdwater.com Cash Mobs!

We’ve started a new promotion with the help of some lovely friends of MyColdwater.comMyColdwater.com Cash Mobs!!  I am beyond excited about this!  This is a tangible way for all of us to show our support of locally owned small businesses

It’s a pretty simple, you show up at the specific locally owned business at a predetermined date and time, spend a minimum of $10-20 cash and have fun! Sort of like a flash mob but you are spending money and supporting a local business/business owner rather than singing and dancing.  Though, if you would like to sing and dance while you shop, feel free!

We’ve set up a Facebook Group for the events so we can keep the locations secret from the business owners.  Show your support of local businesses and come out for a fun shopping experience.  While you are downtown, visit the other businesses, have lunch and HAVE FUN!!!

Find out our first Cash Mob location here:  MyColdwater.com Cash Mobs Facebook Group