Cats Available For Adoption (Coldwater, MI) - Please Call Kevin @ 517-617-4863 For More Info

We LOVE our cats, but our 9 year old son is very allergic to them, so we've had to confine them to the back room of our house. They are being cared for, but they miss the attention and would love to be adopted into homes where they can receive more abundant attention. UPDATE, SEPT. 2015: After about three years of waiting, we have finally found a way to be able to keep our cats. So we will not need to adopt them out at this time.

Jessie - Spayed female,loves attention but prefers a quiet house. 10 years old.

Poppie - Spayed female, very shy and likes it quiet, but very affectionate to the people she trusts. 11 years old.

Tinkerbell - Spayed female,always wanting to scope out what is going on. Would be a good fit for a home with no small children. 12 years old.